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Why do you need to be an actor?

Personally, I find that life, no matter how full we try and live it, can be rather boring and mundane. In acting I find that I can open the valve and release all those expressions (artistic, emotional, spiritual...) that tend to build up while living in our socitey, where we have to be polite, relatively respectful, and a bit detached in order to function without a complete meltdown. You mean I actually can get paid and praised to have a meltdown as long as I do it in front of the camera? Sweet. How about you? Why do you need to be an actor?
Matt Bradford, San Diego
Matt Bradford
Sunday, July 29, 2007
Acting allows me to experience things I've felt before but wasn't able to cry it loud. I love the truth of it and I love feeling it. I just feel.

Sometimes I believe I am a masochist and ready to live in a world where rejection, love, and challenge are the only signs of affection allowed. Why do I need to be an actor ? Because I need that channel and that release and just to feel!

Caroline Amiguet
Sunday, July 29, 2007

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