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IE Keeps Crashing  What is the computers browser cache? A browsers cache is often a place on your computer that temporally stores (caches) internet items like documents, websites, images, and the like as that comes with the internet. Using a browser cache helps your computer load frequently visited websites quicker. There are individual browser caches for each and every browsers you may use to surf the web, e.g. Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.  Tracking Protection Lists - Similar to 'Do Not Disturb' service, this feature allows users to regulate their information being shared on the net. So, it means it is possible to identify and create a list of the sites including advertisements, cookies, trackers, and web beacons etc. and block them from viewing your data. So, you can forget spying, no more troubles, only satisfaction for you.  Hardware Acceleration - It is designed to enhance browser graphics and ultimately the graphics-viewing example of a gamers. The IE9 RC integrates the ability of exploiting multiple processors and optimizing the computer's GPU (graphics processing unit). The IE9 RC also features special Windows APIs and improved JavaScript engine for improved speed and gratification.  However, I.E. is way from your only internet browser software out there. Several other very well liked programs are available for free online, and many computer users have switched to using those alternatives to Microsoft Edge, simply from personal preference. Probably the most popular after-market browser is named "Firefox." It's available like a free download, and many users have made the change to utilizing it as opposed to Microsoft Edge. Also, the Google company has developed their unique browser, called Chrome. More details regarding how to check the good reputation for those browsers will probably be coming in the next article with this series.  Another difference in Microsoft Edge 9 could be the new user interface. The toolbar area is really a lot smaller in comparison to previous version; this will provide you with more room to showcase the Web Pages. By default, you'll find buttons that won't show on the toolbar (Pages, Safety and Tools). Microsoft hides the favorites toolbar and buttons, they removed the search box where there isn't a status bar on the bottom from the browser

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